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Speech Transcription Tool for Deaft

Welcome to the inclusive world of Home4MeAi!


Through our innovative tool Hear4Me, we make it possible for everyone who suffers from hearing impairment to understand and access information.


Deaf people face numerous obstacles every day, being able to take part in a conversation, communicate, interact, is often a challenge from the early hours of their day, at home and outside.

But today, thanks to Hear4Me, you can finally overcome these challenges and fully participate in everyday life.

Thanks to our AI-powered voice transcription assistive technology tool and a simple WI-FI connection, you can communicate clearly with friends and family and participate in conversations and social gatherings without any hassle.

Hear4Me is also available in the Professional version, which embraces the 'Solve for one extend to many' concept that is made available to several people, in any professional environment: public offices, private offices, shops, airports, conferences, exhibitions, museums...

In short, the voice is used everywhere and there is a desire to meet 360° accessibility while enjoying the benefits of voice transcription.

Our assistive technology tool is one of a kind, an innovation that is lacking in an area, that of hearing impairment, which is unfortunately growing out of all proportion.


Our mission is to ensure that no one is excluded from communication and that everyone can express themselves freely, without barriers.

Find out how we can transform your everyday experience with our devices, contact us to learn more and learn about the multiple use cases, by emailing to:



Behind Hear4Me

See the videos with our co-founders. 


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