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Speech Transcription Tool for Deaft

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Hear4Me is an assistive technology (AT) that can simplify communication, improve understanding, gain confidence, and restore autonomy for people with hearing impairments in everyday conversations, both at home and outside.

It allows us to understand speech and participate in conversations by transcribing audio into text in real-time on our IoT devices.


The Situation

According to the WHO, more than 5% of the world's population, about 466 million people, suffer from hearing loss that affects quality of life, and it is estimated that by 2050 more than 900 million people (or 1 in 10) will suffer from hearing loss. Deafness and hearing problems affect as many as 5% of the Italian population, about 5 million people.

Deaf people face many difficulties and discrimination in communication, education, work and sociality and to achieve real inclusion it is essential to understand what is being said/heard. However, not everyone has the knowledge/tools to be able to transmit and/or be understood.

Captioning Technology

Hear4Me offers a simple tool to understand speech by reading text on different media. The small microphones listen and transcribe in real time on our devices, smartwatches, desktop viewers and Apps for Android, IOS, PC and Mac.

Speech is acquired by iot devices in the Personal version, while the Professional version allows to interface directly to the audio infrastructure of the customer. The signal is sent to our backend, which transcribes it and applies several artificial intelligence services to retrieve important information: split text by speaker, retrieve information such as addresses and phone numbers, translate text. Transcription and additional information are available on several clients: smartphone, display, web browser.


Transcription technology has been around for many years and is very useful for those with hearing impairments and obviously not only, in the most varied fields of use.

Applying it in an AT that combines the use of specific IoT devices and the use of artificial intelligence is an innovation that is lacking in an area, that of hearing impairment, which is unfortunately growing out of all proportion.​

We want to offer a product with an essential design, intuitive to use and quick to consult to make the reading gesture as simple and natural as possible. 

The package is completed by the Web App and the flagship, the multi-client connection capable of offering instant transcription on multiple devices at the same time.​​

"Whoever feels perfectly, take a step back!"



An example?


Check out Mirko's situation below, to learn about the different use cases.

"Mirko suffers from hearing loss. Life at home is becoming complex due to her hearing problems. At home, he can't quite understand what his family and friends want to say, and the situation outside is not happier..


For his studies he needs to take part at many conferences, and even here, the problem is always the same!

Speakers who speak loudly or too quietly or even worse, when there are three of them (in which case it is really difficult to understand who is speaking), there is too much confusion and the ambient noises are bad.

Result? A total disaster!!


Behind Hear4Me

See the videos with our co-founders. 

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