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"To participate in conferences, he's following just that one offering Hear4MeProfessional, a Multi-Client solution for transcription service.

Mirko can easily follow the discussion on his smartphone or computer, reading the transcription by the App,

especially on those occasions when he is seated very far away from the speaker.

Mirko doesn't have to explain his problems to anyone, just open the App and join the conference".

Hear4MeProfessional works for many users at the same time,

a system not only for those with hearing impairments, but also for all those people who simply need an instant transcription.

"The city around Mirko is slowly changing in better for him:

By now, his grown up, and is trying to get a mortgage to buy his house. His bank has Hear4MeProfessional Table Viewer, to put him at ease and make him understand all the burocratic steps.

Even the small supermarket in the center, which is particularly attentive to client's needs, rented Hear4MeProfessional Table Viewer, keeping it at the checkouts always in function.


Yes, life is slowly changing in better, and now the Mirkos knows where to go to be able to interact: Wherever they recognize the Service through the logo displayed."

No more mismatched interaction for "Mirkos".

Hear4Me Professional embraces the concept of "Solve for one, extend to many".

The innovative microphone system is given on loan for use, at events, meetings, conferences in offices, schools, exhibitions, museums, in short, wherever the voice language is used and there is a desire to go in the direction of 360° accessibility.

It has the ability to connect to many users at the same time. It can distinguish between different speakers and assign each one a different color in the text, which is especially useful in scenarios where you can't visually identify who is speaking (e.g. big conference). It works on Android, IOS, and also on PC and Mac. You can save a copy of the recorded track for later reading and studying.


It uses a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection (depending on the space involved and how many devices you want to reach), no type of registration is required from the end user, but you just need to launch the application on your IoT device and you're done.

The service for the end user is completely free and does not require any type of registration, while the microphone is given on loan for use, through a paid subscription, to the organization that requests it.

Hear4MeProfessional has an economical rental price and is fully customizable according to the requests/needs you need, as well as the IOT and the most suitable devices.

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