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Internet of Things and AI for Assistive Tecnology

The house is mine again.

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Imagine a place where disabled and non-disabled people are free to communicate and interact with each other, in a way as simple as breathing... Imagine this place is the home...


A visionary concept of a project, that helps people with sensory disabilities to be understood and interacted.

By using different technologies, AI and IoT devices, we try to re-give the possibility, to persons with auditory, visual and linguistic impairment, to regain possession of their home environment and to live it with more serenity.


The interactions with society, strictly depends on the relationship between the technology and what we can see, hear, speak and touch.
Artificial intelligences (AI), through IoT and wearable devices offers the tools to face different limitations.

"Disability is not just a health problem. It is a complex phenomenon, reflecting the interaction between features of a person’s body and features of the society in which he or she lives.”

– World Health Organization

“Disability happens, at the points that, interaction by  persons and society, get crashed. Physical, cognitive, and social exclusion is the result of mismatched interaction” – Federico Richard Villa

Home4MeAi is an Assistive Technology company. Our hardware and software can be used not only by people with congenital or chronic disabilities, but also by people with temporary or situational impediments.  Improve people's quality of life, autonomy, integration and social participation.

Four senses, four products

These are the four fields in which we operate and making research: Hear4Me, Speak4Me, See4Me, Touch4Me.


It is a voice transcription product, based several services, including AI, ​that convert speech into text.

Encode Audio into text allows people deaf and hard of hearing, but not also, to interact, communicate, take part of the discussions without forcing anyone to change the communication language (sing languag, read labials etc.)

A professional version is destinated to help anyone, problems or not, simply need a transcription for a variety reasons. ​ 



..coming soon.



..coming soon.



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The technology

Home4MeAi uses solutions already present on the market: industrial IoT devices, proprietary Web API and different AI services of the major tech players.

IoT devices

We use the industrial Internet Of Things devices

Modern Web API

A proprietary Web API orchestrate the communication and unleash the power of AI services

AI services

We use the last AI services from provided by the major players: Google, Azure and AWS.

Discover more

Let's see how we're transforming a social project in a concrete technological product.


..coming soon



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